Basilan's nature beauty is pristine and unspoiled. From the quaint cities, towns and countryside to the majesty of waterfalls and the serenity of seashores, from the historical relics of the past to...

How to get there?

Zamboanga City is the main gateway to Basilan Island which lies 17 nautical miles (narrowest point of the Basilan Strait) due north. If you’re from Manila or Cebu, take a flight to Zamboanga City th...

Where to go?

Basilan is one province that is blessed with natural bounties since its early years of existence. The province, bestowed with different cultures and traditions and rich in aquatic resources, was onc...


Fiestas and festivals   Pakaradjaan Basilan, celebrated annually from March 1 to March 7 to commemorate the anniversary of the Province of Basilan. Lami-Lamihan Festival, the island's premier f...

Where to stay?

There are a number of places to stay in Basilan, some Hotels, Resorts and hostels likewise dot the City of Isabela. The most Notable places are: The Farmland Resort (Lanote) Anson's Hotel (Suma...

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Basilan Ports

Basilan Ports

Basilan as an island province is linked by port facilities to mainland Minadanao and other facilities. The main port if the Isabela City (Figure A) and the second is in...

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Basilan LGU funded for areas affected by…

Basilan LGU funded for areas affected by conflicts

The Provincial Government funded a 1.5 Million pesos for those area affected by the ongoing operation/conflict between the Armed Forces of the Philippines and the MILF at Al-Barka Municipality, Basilan. There...

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[PIO-Basilan - Basilan, Philippines] An ongoing project: A construction of 2 storey (8 class room) school building with facilities at Buton, Mohammad Ajul, Basilan. This project is funded by the...

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CIRCUMFERENTIAL ROAD (PARANG-BASAK, LAMITAN CITY, BASILAN) [PIO-Basilan - Basilan, Philippines] A third project is the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)-funded concrete paving of the Provincial Road portion located in Parangbasak, Lamitan City,...

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Basilan LGU Fast Track Road Network

Basilan LGU Fast Track Road Network

[PIO-Basilan - Basilan, Philippines] With a renewed drive to improve the existing road network ringing Basilan island, the Provincial Government, under the aegis of Gov. Jum J. Akbar, has fast-tracked...

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Welcome to Basilan!

Basilan Highlights

The Province of Basilan (Lalawigan ng Basilan in Filipino/Tagalog; Provincia de Basilan in Spanish/Chavacano) is an island province of the Philippines within the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (ARMM). Basilan is the largest and northernmost of the major islands of the Sulu Archipelago and is located just off the southern coast of Zamboanga Peninsula. Its capital, Isabela City, is administered as part of the Zamboanga Peninsula Region.

Basilan is one province in a setting that reflects the true description of an island paradise. Blessed with natural bounties since its early years of existence, it has been called by merchants and travelers as an island of hope. The province, bestowed with different cultures and traditions and rich in aquatic resources, was once considered the trading center of Mindanao in the early days.


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  • Agriculture Profile
  • Industries Profile
  • Security Profile
  • Land Area
  • Population
  • Power and Water Supply

Agriculture and Fisheries

   The presence of development activities to support improvements in farming and fishery practices has registered an outstanding performance both in 2005 and 2006, shown in Table 7.0 – Agriculture and Fisheries Development State of Performance. The quality of LGU...



Entrepreneurship, Business and Industry Promotion             The effectiveness of Enterprise, Business and Industry Promotion Council has registered a high performance in 2005 and decreased to medium in 2006 refer Table 7.2 – Entrepreneurship, Business and Industry Promotion Development State of...



Peace, Security and Risk Management  The creation and effectiveness of the Local Disaster Coordinating Council is in conformity with the provisions of PD No.1566, series of 1978 and has recorded a very high performance both in 2005 and 2006. Indicators...


Land Area

Geographical Location  Basilan is one of the island provinces of the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (ARMM), separated from the mainland of Mindanao by a strait of about 17 miles at its narrowest point. It is located across the southern...



Population Size and Growth Rate The 2000 Census of Population and Housing record of the National Statistics Office showed that the total population of the province rose to 332,828 from 295,565 in 1995. It is estimated to increase at an...


Power and Water Supply

Basic Utilities (Water, Electricity) Water Supply  About half of the total households of the province have access to safe water, the other half are fetching from doubtful sources refer Table 6.3.2 – No. of Households with Access to Safe Water....